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Paytm Payments

Never miss a sale with a trusted, advanced payment platform from Paytm.

Accept Credit cards and
Debit cards for your business.

The most robust and advanced Payment Platform for your business. Delight your customers with the convenience of multiple payment options across all payment channels. All this with an amazing intuitive user experience.

Easy integration within

No need to change anything! Paytm Payments integrate seamlessly into your existing system. Furthermore, you have the power to customize your needs as easily and efficiently. Paytm Payments offers Thin-clients, software-development kits, developer API and secure checkout solution for all major shopping carts.

Smooth refunds
for long-term customers.

In case of failed transactions, what is usually seen is that the customer’s money is blocked for a long period – sometimes up to 21 days. We ensure that the impact of bank payment gateway failures is reduced considerably. This helps save your customers from the agony of following up on their transactions with the bank.

Totally secure.
For a completely trusted business.

We offer complete confidentiality along with a simple process to help fight against phishing and fraudulent activities. Both sellers and customers operate in a secure and transparent environment with anup-to-date 24/7 anti-fraud and risk protection system.
Our sellers are protected from unnecessary buyer claims through our 3D-secure implementation. What's more, there's a convenient process to settle the disputes. Our PCI DSS certification with 256-bit Verisign SSL encryption provides utmost security.
Our core philosophy is crystal clear communication without any ambiguity - therefore, transactions stay on the site thus increasing your website conversions.

In-depth Analysis

Paytm Payments' analytics package is state-of-the-art that enables you to track your performing pages, online products and services, order volumes, among other things.

Every time you want to check your online site, we give you a bird's eye view of how your business is functioning using key tools and charts. You can scrutinize and evaluate just about everything to improve your business. And, with our 24/7 technical support, you can get a complete understanding of your business.

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