Bye-bye ring-ring. Hello PTunes.

Paytm Tunes

You love your music. Now, let your callers listen to your choice of song, or your
name, a prank or even a message. Choose from an endless range of PaytmTunes.

So many tunes. So many flavours.

A wide catalogue of songs: Recent Bollywood hits, regional film songs, devotional and many more.
Non film music: Shayari, pranks, mimicry of Bollywood stars, thoughts, inspiring quotes, soothing
instrumentals and sounds of nature, among more.

Introducing Name-tunes. Your signature tunes.

Add a personal touch. Let your callers hear your caller ring back tune with your name on it.
It could be your company’s name or a personalized message.

Get your music. In one step.

Get your music on your phone in one easy step - via SMS. Or a call with
easy-to-understand instructions. Or via our mobile website.

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